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New Client: Duffy’s Brew – Have Your Beer & Shower With It, Too!

I love craft beer, but craft beer shampoo? Definitely. I recently jumped at the chance to work with Duffy’s Brew, a Seattle-based haircare company turning an age-old wives tale into a grooming revolution.

Duffy’s Brew entered the market in 2009 as one of the first beer-based hair care products available to consumers. Made with real craft beer from Elysian Brewing Company, these vegan shampoos and conditioners add shine and volume to even the dullest of hair. Using the hops, malt and barley found in beer, Duffy’s Brew coats your hair with vitamin B, proteins and minerals, leaving you with a brilliant mane that’s sure to make heads turn.

Duffy’s Brew currently offers beer-based shampoo and conditioner in two varieties, ESB (12oz) and Original Stout (8oz). Both varieties are created using high quality natural ingredients and craft beer. You can find Duffy’s Brew available for purchase online through the Duffy’s Brew website (which has a brand new look!), and, as well as at specialty stores and salons including VAIN, Source Salons and Elysian Brewing locations in Seattle, and Bolt Barbers in Los Angeles.

So yes, you can have your beer and shower with it, too!



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