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Imbibe Magazine Q&A with Churchkey’s Adrian Grenier

It’s been quite the month for media coverage! The July/August issue of Imbibe magazine features a great interview with Churchkey co-founder Adrian Grenier. In addition to Churchkey and the company’s revival of the flat top beer can, Adrian also talks about his eco-minded website and its new line of SHFT House Wines. Read more

Churchkey Can Co. Launches in San Francisco and Soon, Nationally!

For the first time in nearly 50 years, craft beer lovers can once again experience beer from the original flat top can. Launching today in San Francisco and available nationally later this summer, Churchkey Can Co. – a new craft beer company based in the Pacific Northwest – is on a mission to reinstate this forgotten beer experience, offering a unique, handcrafted Pilsner-style beer in authentic 12-ounce steel cans. First introduced in Seattle and Portland in April 2012, Churchkey will be making its way across the country, coming to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Austin, as well as available on the brand’s website, starting in August 2012. Read more

New Client: Churchkey Can Company

Now that word is starting to spread, I’m excited to finally be able to share with you I have taken on a new client: Churchkey Can Company.

Churchkey Can Co. is a new craft beer can company from the Pacific Northwest on a mission to reintroduce beer lovers to the original flat top steel can. Flat top steel cans – which must be opened with a churchkey – were invented in the mid 1930s as the original beer cans and remained a standard until the pull-tab came to market in the mid-1960s.

Don’t know what a churchkey is? You’re not alone. Read more